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U.S. Native English Speakers

If English is not your first language, then it is unlikely you will pick up on the subtleties that can make the difference between replying with empathy and understanding vs simply getting it wrong. Most customers get in contact over a problem so you need problem-solvers, not template copy-pasters!

Managing customer relationships is not about the quality of your English, it’s about your comprehension!

It’s not realistic to assume people from Asia or other low economic areas can effectively solve problems just because they can speak English. Sure, they do some great work and we admire them for what they can do!

Our team are all US native English speakers. All have been on the planet awhile, best described as more mature, stay at home people looking for part-time work around other commitments. Many have great business backgrounds but they have stepped out of the full-time workforce. They want to keep their brain engaged but only have a few hours a day available.

(Do you know anyone who may like to join our awesome team? Please introduce us!)