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What we do

We give Amazon Seller's their life back!
Your Amazon business is meant to give you freedom – time out for a real holiday, go on school camp, head to the beach or just get off the grid…does yours?
We are a team of native English speakers from the US and UK
We're problem solvers, not template copy pasters! 

We know the best way to relate to your customers
Here's what we can do for you...

  • Customer Messages

    Respond to all Seller Central messages and escalate if required

  • Product Replacements

    Manage product complaints and send out replacements

  • Returns Management

    Followup with every customer return to find out why

  • Low Star Reviews

    Respond to all 1,2 & 3 star reviews to balance negative comments

  • Seller Feedback

    Monitor and apply for removal/strike out where possible

  • Keyword indexing

    Weekly review to check your top 20 keywords are indexing

  • Exit Hijackers

    Search for hijackers and get them off your listings…fast!


    EBC, test shipments, 3PL setup and more

If you're working in your Amazon business everyday, then it's just another job...

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Ask us anything. If we don't know the answer we'll know someone who does! One of our team will get back to you right away.

100% Native English Speakers

If English is not your first language, then it is unlikely you will pick up on the subtleties that can make the difference between replying with empathy and understanding vs simply getting it wrong. Most customers get in contact over a problem so you need problem solvers, not copy pasters!

Managing customers relationships is not about the quality of your English, it's about your comprehension!

It’s not realistic to assume people from Asia or other low economic areas can effectively solve problems just because they can speak English. Sure, they do some great work and we admire them for what they can do!

Our team are all native English speakers, based in the US and UK. All have been on the planet a while, best described as more mature, stay at home people looking for part-time work around other commitments. Many have great business backgrounds but circumstances/choices have seen them step out of the full-time workforce. They want to keep their brain engaged but only have a few hours a day available.

(Do you know anyone who may like to join our awesome team? Please introduce us!)

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We are Amazon seller’s and used to outsource work offshore. However, we found small misunderstandings lead to larger problems. While we managed to work around most issues, we ultimately realized just how much time were spending to keep our outsourcing on track.

It was clear to our customers that we had outsourced them - some of the replies from our outsourced admin staff were just wrong. Ultimately, some comments came through on our product reviews that were very damaging and impacted sales.

None of this was the fault of our offshore workers. We admire them for what they can do when they have absolutely no cultural awareness apart from what they are trained on. Their English was very good but you just can’t replace a lifelong learning with a few hours reading through a training manual.

So, we took it all back and really focused on trying to find “local’s” who could understand the underlying tone of messages and reply appropriately. Over time we have gathered an awesome team of US and UK native English speakers that continues to grow so we can serve new clients.

Frequently asked questions

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  • How do you charge?
  • How do you reply to our Seller Central messages?
  • How do send out products on our behalf?
  • How do we know what is going on with our business?

Client Testimonials

Greg and his team are sensational! They take the headache out of the admin side of my Amazon business - the bit I dread most! ... leaving me free to focus on the bits of the business that I am best at.

For me ZonSupport was the missing link in having an automated online business that could operate effectively without my daily input.

Amazon Seller, Toys & Games

These guys know what they’re doing. Everything you do on Amazon is so public and ZonSupport have guided us through managing our keywords, our customers, product complaints and now working to turn a negative review into a raving fan. Sure takes the worry out of starting an Amazon business! Highly recommended.

Amazon Seller, Home Décor

Finally found the best help!

We run a large scale Amazon business with over 40 product variations. Being introduced to ZonSupport has changed the way we now do business. We have already expanded into new markets knowing they are there to keep it all on track behind the scenes. Their Hijacker service is truly global - we had no idea just how much our brand was being put at risk and how brazen some of these sellers can be.

Amazon Seller, Sport & Outdoors

We sell across US and UK and thanks to ZonSupport we are now cross listed into EU with full translations. Just one of the many things we knew we should do but were too busy managing the day to day. Since working with Greg’s team we have had a couple of off the grid breaks as well. This is the freedom we always expected when launching on Amazon a few year’s ago but could never enjoy.

Amazon Seller, Automotive

If you’re looking for a safe pair of hands to truly manage your Amazon business, give these guys a call. We also use their Keyword service, another check we know is so important but often missed.

We had a run of low star reviews and it is so helpful they cover these as well. We seldom replied as just never got around to it. They never miss and always seem to find a proactive reply.

Amazon Seller, Health & Personal Care

We are so new, just launched! What can I say, just getting set up with ZonSupport was a huge relief. They have already shown us so many smart ways to run our Amazon business. The best part for us is they are our go-to. If we need to know anything they have all the answers. We spent so long with Seller Support on our journey and often ended up more confused than before we asked for help. All our stress has gone as we know these guys have our back. Get in touch today is what they say. You should!

Amazon Seller, Kitchen & Dining
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At ZonSupport we believe that opportunity is something that everyone should enjoy. That's why every time a new clients joins we make an interest free micro-loan to an entrepreneur in a third world country. These loans enable people to buy seeds to grow crops, inventory to expand stores or equipment to increase efficiencies. When the loan is repaid we lend it again which keeps the good going.

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