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About Us

We began selling on Amazon in 2014 and used to outsource offshore. However, we found small misunderstandings lead to larger problems. While we managed to work around most issues, we ultimately realized just how much time we were spending to keep our outsourcing on track.

It was clear to our customers that we had outsourced them – some of the replies from our outsourced admin staff were just wrong. Ultimately, some comments came through on our product reviews that were very damaging and impacted sales.

None of this was the fault of our offshore workers. We admire them for what did when they have absolutely no cultural awareness apart from what they read in a training manual. Their English was very good but you just can’t replace lifelong learning in your native language.

So, we took it all back and focused on finding “locals” who could understand the underlying tone of messages and reply appropriately. In 2016 we started managing a business colleague’s account and then word of mouth saw several more so in 2017 we branded as ZonSupport and formally launched the business. Over time we have gathered an awesome team of US native English speakers that continues to grow so we can serve new clients.

In November 2019, we expanded our service to look after customers on other e-commerce platforms, starting with Shopify. We now manage Walmart, Click Funnels, and eBay clients…the list continues to grow.

All need awesome Customer Care so are a natural fit with our Amazon origins.