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  • Payability

    By ZonSupport | Posted on May 22, 2021| Blog

    Are you running tight on cash flow? No surprise if you are. Private Label Sellers are often cash strapped as they grapple with the longer shipping times to the US thanks to covid. Add to this Amazon's limits on shipping inventory direct which means you may need to ship to

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  • Amazon Repackaging vs Refurbishment

    By ZonSupport | Posted on March 15, 2021| Blog

    Beware of Amazon’s default settings! Your listings are automatically set to allow Amazon to refurbish your product if it is returned damaged by a customer. This increases the likelihood of them shipping out another customer’s return as new. If this happens, you will upset a brand new customer. The customer

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  • Ecommerce Seller Insurance

    By ZonSupport | Posted on February 20, 2021| Blog

    Insurance is once again a hot topic with Amazon. As an online seller, you need insurance to cover your business in case of a lawsuit. If you are a reseller, wholesaler, or private label and selling products under your own brand, you need both general liability and product liability insurance.

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  • Amazon Stop All Review Replies

    By ZonSupport | Posted on January 7, 2021| Blog

    You have to give it to Amazon, they like to drop small but significant changes on us over the Holiday Season. Effective December 16, 2020, they are stopping the ability for anyone to comment on a review. This will take some time to implement across their business. We are told

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  • Kiva and ZonSupport Partnership

    By ZonSupport | Posted on December 29, 2020| Blog

    What a great way to celebrate the close of 2020. Not sure about you, but let's just say I've had better years...!!! Some stats since we launched in 2017: 200 Loans 60 Developing Countries (some more than others!) $5,000 circulating and the total is growing. Every time a loan is

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  • Amazon Related Account Suspensions

    By ZonSupport | Posted on November 24, 2020| Blog

    The Amazon bots seem to be running wild. Somehow they have decided that many Seller Central accounts are related to others. As a result, they have generated 1,000’s of suspension notices and stopped Sellers in their tracks. As with all Amazon performance notifications, you need to guess what they need

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  • Amazon Messaging Update Sep 2020

    By ZonSupport | Posted on September 12, 2020| Blog

    Amazon made its most comprehensive and arguably most informative change to its customer messaging rules on Sep 8, 2020. This follows on from months of uncertainty as many Seller’s had their message rights suspended for 30-days for apparent breaches of their policy.  As usual, Amazon made it impossible to find

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  • Amazon Now Publish Your Address!

    By ZonSupport | Posted on July 14, 2020| Blog

    On September 1, 2020, Amazon will publish your business name and address on your Seller Profile page. I must admit I did not see this notification come through from Amazon but then I am not that attentive to their emails at times. They insist a notice has been sent to all Sellers

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  • Teams

    By ZonSupport | Posted on June 30, 2020| Blog

    I have shed a lot of tears over the last few days as I come to grips with losing such a great member of our team. Susan Jones - what a great find. Very process oriented, super-efficient, caring, and not afraid to speak her mind. We actually had some run-ins.

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  • 5-Star Review for Faulty Product

    By ZonSupport | Posted on April 16, 2020| Blog

    In the current COVID-19 environment, you know your customers are stressed. We are finding they are more likely to complain about a product than simply not is getting tight! We always reach out to every customer who requests a return. We want to find out the real reason they

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