• Long Term Storage Fees

    By ZonSupport | Posted on June 30, 2019| Blog

    Long Term Storage Fees are on the horizon! On Feb 15 and Aug 15 every year, Amazon runs their math over your inventory. They are a sales machine, so don’t want to see any products older than 6-month in their warehouses. Products that have been sitting from 6 - 12

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  • Pestigate

    By ZonSupport | Posted on May 18, 2019| Blog

    Two months of drama on the Amazon platform - seems the word pesticide and anything deemed to be related has become an issue. Initially, we thought it may be a cyber attack or their AI (Artificial Intelligence) taking control! However, it seems there is a compliance reason that prompted this. As is

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  • Online Seller Insurance

    By ZonSupport | Posted on May 5, 2019| Blog

    As an online seller, you need insurance to cover your business in case of a lawsuit. If you are a reseller, wholesaler, or private labeling and selling products under your own brand, you need both general liability and product liability insurance. If you look carefully at your Amazon TOS, you

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  • Brand Specific Size Charts

    By ZonSupport | Posted on April 20, 2019| Blog

    Attention Brand Registered Sellers.  Amazon is removing generic size charts from product detail pages on Amazon.com and replacing them with brand-specific size charts. Apparently, they have emailed all Brand Registry Sellers about this but several of our clients have not seen this so best you check! You can now have

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  • ProjectZero

    By ZonSupport | Posted on March 6, 2019| Blog

    Amazon recently announced Project Zero, an initiative that will help Brand Registered sellers defend themselves against the ever increasing number of Hijackers that plague their platform. Sure, we respect the philosophy behind the First Sale Doctrine whereby you can sell a product you purchase as new if you so wish.

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  • Transparency

    By ZonSupport | Posted on February 10, 2019| Blog

    The Transparency Program is another Amazon initiative designed to build trust amongst its legions of buyers, particularly Prime members. The stickier they become, the less likely they are to go shopping elsewhere. After all, why would you bother when you can get all you need on Amazon, have it delivered

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  • Video Marketing

    By ZonSupport | Posted on January 20, 2019| Blog

    The rise and rise of the importance of video in eCommerce marketing over the last 12 months has been mindblowing. A variety of studies point to a much higher level of trust that buyers place in viewing a product video before purchase. Video also enables you to impart some of

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  • The Trump Tariffs

    By ZonSupport | Posted on November 1, 2018| Blog

    Here's a hot tip for managing the potential impact that President Donald Trump's tariffs may have on your business. Last week we were a sponsor of the Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong. Here I am with Meghla Bhardwaj who kept us all on track. One of the speakers spoke

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  • Indirect Communication

    By ZonSupport | Posted on October 23, 2018| Blog

    Amazon quietly updated their TOS during October 2018. They seldom make any announcement, particularly around sensitive topics ie reviews and who “owns” the customer. For the avoidance of any doubt on the latter, Amazon asserts that they own the customer in case you have missed this! The section of particular

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  • Amazon Pricing

    By ZonSupport | Posted on October 13, 2018| Blog

    Before you start working on your Amazon pricing, you need to get into their mindset. “There are two kinds of companies. Those that work to raise prices and those that work to lower them - Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon.” Best quality at the lowest price is what

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