• Amazon Listings Can Disconnect!

    By ZonSupport | Posted on August 5, 2017| Uncategorized

    Your Amazon listing are like a mirror. What is loaded into your Seller Central fields reflects in your listing. Right?

    What if we replied yes…but sometimes no?

    From time to time we have noticed clients have lost the last word in their title’s i.e. what is showing in their Seller Central title field is not the same as in their listing.

    We always lodge a ticket and get it fixed. However, we have never got a straight answer from Seller Central…they are great at copy/pasting 1,000 word replies that seem to belong to some other seller’s question!

    This week we were quite alarmed to find a client who always has great titles jam packed with keywords with more than just a word missing from many of their titles.

    The worst was a 7 word title…the other 15 keywords words were missing!

    What happened?

    Maybe it was an update that did not save correctly. Maybe there is a gremlin within the Amazon linkages. Whatever the reason, the ultimate responsibility of course is with the seller to ensure their listings are correct.

    Never assume…all our clients get a health check every month…a fresh set of eyes run over their listings. Make sure you are doing this on all your listings – ideally get someone else to help you. Sometimes other people see what you don’t!

    As always, ask us anything. If we don’t know we’ll know someone who does!

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