• Amazon Update Dimension Attributes

    By ZonSupport | Posted on April 29, 2022| Blog

    Amazon has announced that starting April 26, sellers in the US have 30 days to update their product dimension attributes. 

    Their intention is to give customers more precise data to help them find and compare products. For example, customers can distinguish between length and depth to filter search results more accurately.

    Note that these new attribute definitions are for specific product types. 

    For example, WALL_ART has two attributes: length (longer edge) and width (shorter edge). For TENT, the width definition specifies the following: “Provide the longer edge at the bottom of the tent when assembled.”

    They have also reduced the acceptable values for units of measurement to inches While there will inevitably be exceptions, this is a logical move as Americans typically only work in feet and inches so will reduce clutter.

    As with all Amazon updates, it’s important to embrace them and just get on with complying. There never is a good time for these little admin jobs so they’re best done right away. 

    Bottom line is this move may just help boost your sales and or reduce returns as they are making every effort to ensure products are described with relevant dimensions. That has to be good news for all sellers!

    Go here for the detailed Amazon announcement Updated dimension attributes for 255 product types.

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