• Automate Your Amazon Business

    By ZonSupport | Posted on February 22, 2018| Blog

    Imagine if someone was checking every listing you have in almost real time and sending you an alert if something important changed.

    eg a low star review lands or an old one is up-voted, you lose the buy box or your listing is suppressed, the title is updated or images are changed, your product star rating changes or you lose review!

    These are all important metrics that only need your attention if they change.

    Managing your Amazon account is a simple but time consuming task as you know. There are many things that need to be checked which take your focus off optimizing your listings, managing your inventory and perhaps searching for new products. This is where you make your money, not buried in the detail…

    We are just rolling out enhancements to our service that we think are very exciting, especially as they come at no extra cost!

    We already manage these key areas for our clients:

    Respond to all Seller Central messages and escalate if required

    Manage product complaints and send out replacements

    Contact customers who ask for a refund to find out the reason

    Respond to all 1,2 & 3 star reviews to balance negative comments

    Monitor Seller Feedback and apply for removal/strike out of comments where applicable

    Weekly review to check your top 20 keywords are indexing

    Search for hijackers and get them off your listings…fast!

    Now we add a more detailed monitoring for our clients listings:

    Title changes or images are updated – if not you then someone has accessed your listing

    You lose the Buy Box – you need to know this ASAP

    Low Star Reviews upvoted – an issue may be developing

    Product Star Rating – any change here impacts your sales

    Total Customer Reviews – if the number moves up (or down!)

    Our focus is to manage our client’s business in as much detail as possible without bothering them. They have a detailed online report available 24/7 so can check in on what is going at any time they like. If there is something they need to know, then we send them an alert.

    Imagine the freedom this gives you to focus on optimizing your listings, ensuring you keep in stock, developing supplier relationships or researching new products. Perhaps you want some time off for your family or to just get off the grid!

    If we’re not already managing your business, then it’s time we were talking to you. Our rates start at just $8 a day.

    As always, ask us anything. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll know someone who does!

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