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    By ZonSupport | Posted on March 10, 2018| Blog

    Have you got an outbound customer message running in your Amazon business? If not, you are missing a golden opportunity to engage with your customers and (hopefully) pick up some reviews along the way.

    But don’t become a customer spammer!

    Why many Sellers insist on sending an email to their customer when they order saying thank you, it’s on the way is beyond me. This belongs back in the 1800′ s when a customer’s first concern was if their moneygram was received for their order and when it would likely arrive!

    They then followup a week later with another email asking for a review and some then hit them a third time! That’s spam, pure and simple as you are serving yourself and not your customer.

    Most often you get one shot to get an email read so don’t waste it on such nonsense.

    We recommend you send one outbound customer email on Day 3 after delivery.

    If your’s is a sporting product, perhaps you want to extend this a little if it’s more likely to be used at the weekend. If there are vital instructions (assuming the mail is received, let alone read) then Day 1 after delivery may be better for you.

    There are three things you want to say:

    Thanks for your order. 

    Hope all was OK on delivery – if not please let me know. 

    Reviews help our business a lot, please write one for us.

    That’s it. One shot and move on. It’s no wonder so many customers are opting out of messaging when they are getting 2 and 3 emails from Sellers filling up their inbox and pleading for reviews. We’re in 2018, so get with the game!

    Do our clients get reviews in response to such emails?  Yes, they sure do! How many – not enough!

    However, it still amazes me when a customer responds and says “thanks so much, I have never had anyone bother to check in with me.” Just don’t overdo it. Respect your customers and move on to the next.

    There are many automated programs out there which make this whole process quite easy. Here’s some that we work with:




    Pricing depends on any additional features you are looking for. Do your due diligence and then get your (one!) message up and running. 

    Resist all urges for doing so-called PayPal cash pack offers and free FB offers and all the other grey games as we call them to get reviews. It will likely end in tears some time down the track…

    Remember, selling on Amazon is a long play so make sure you carefully consider what you are doing and the likely consequences before taking action. Only you can be responsible for this, so don’t assume a well-meaning comment in some online group is actual fact.

    As always, ask us anything. If we don’t know the answer we’ll know someone who does!


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