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    By ZonSupport | Posted on October 12, 2019| Blog

    Managing your time is a critical part of becoming a successful Amazonian. Sometimes we end up trying to learn new skills as we get our Amazon business up and running.

    Maybe you need to develop a logo, put up a website to support your Brand Registry application, photoshop your images or other important but time-consuming (skill dependent) tasks.

    Have you heard about Fiverr.com?

    This is a site where you will find many online contractors. Fiverr® says that most contractors are US based but for my kind of work, they are most often in India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.  I find these people have a lot of expertise in many online tasks. Their cost base is super low and so are their charges…

    These Fiverr® contractors do such tasks every day of the week so have developed outstanding skills for you to leverage.

    Go to their site and signup now – it’s free:     www.fiverr.com

    Have a look around their site. As you will see, you can get just about anything and everything done here for your Amazon business. Here are some of the contractors I have used:

    Abubakar: Great websites, great communication, and super-fast turnaround


    Mit: Another website guy who also set up a great blog site for me…very detailed guy


    Aneeb: If you need a basic logo concept, visit her listing. Very fast with revisions


    Nuwan: I use him to photoshop images…another contractor with good skills and fast turnaround


    Usman: Created our 60-sec color whiteboard animation video. Awesome work!


    Another great outsourcing site is Upwork: www.upwork.com

    I find more technical ability here so if I am working on a database project or developing an API link then I go here for the next level of expertise. I also find it easier to search a specific profile of contractor for marketing work that is a step up from the more basic work I get done on Fiverr. I can’t share any contractors here as they have been for very specific projects.

    Are you ready to really step it up? Go to 99Designs: www.99designs.com 

    If you need some serious design skills for your logo, marketing or even packaging then this is the go-to creative community. There is an amazing talent pool available and it becomes a competitive environment for them to “win” with their concept or design.

    Tip: Make your gig private so other’s don’t come in and just copy other concepts and tweak and deliver to you – waste of your time

    As with all outsourcing, the outcome is only ever as good as the brief! 

    Pay very close attention to writing a clear design brief of what you are trying to achieve. The more detail the better. I highly recommend you use this site when you are in serious brand-building mode!

    The key message for you here is to value your time!

    It is better spent focusing on the big rocks as they say – have you heard this explanation…

    You have a glass, stones from the beach and some fine sand.

    What is the best way to get as much as you can into your glass?

    Is it to start with the sand – the small tasks and put the stones on top…

    …or are you better to put the stones in first and then let the sand filter in between the gaps?

    I often get caught out myself. I love admin tasks (am one of those perfect people who likes everything in its place) and feel I have achieved so much when I get something tidied away. However, many of these are small and non-important tasks compared to others on my list.

    So, there you have it. A great way to get a lot of the small stuff done at minimal cost so you can focus on the important stuff!

    As always, ask us anything. If we don’t know the answer we’ll know someone who does!


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