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    By ZonSupport | Posted on October 19, 2017| Blog

    Just launched! You can now create discount coupons that will feature on your actual listings.

    These can be applied to a single product or set of products.

    Customers will see an orange badge promoting your discount offer next to the selling price.

    The coupon range is between 5% and 80% of your lowest selling price in the last 30 days, either percentage-off or money-off. We see this as a huge advantage for those Seller’s who are active in sending traffic to their listings. This now becomes a very transparent process – prospective customers see the coupon waiting for them when they hit your listing.

    The most exciting thing is that you can target five specific customers groups: Amazon Prime members, Amazon Student members and Amazon Mom members let’s you start thinking about braking up your customer segmentation. However, the real win is being able to target customers who have bought specific ASINs or even just looked at them. 

    Amazon have decided to create yet another revenue stream from this. Each coupon will cost you a 60 cent redemption fee. You can set a maximum budget for each coupon which will deactivate when it reaches your maximum.

    This budget includes all you costs ie discount value and redemption fee which is a plus as you can see just how much profit you are giving away.

    You can feature up to 50 products per coupon and the validity can stretch out to 90 days if you so wish. It is easy to monitor the performance of your coupons in real time in the Coupon page – just check Running coupons.

    We see this new initiative of Amazon signalling a more competitive marketplace which is good and bad for sellers. Clearly, you need to have the margin to go and “play” in this space. 

    As with all things Amazon, there is some fine print. So, go check it out in your Seller Central account as see if this can work for you. Not all accounts have been enabled for this new initiative so check in your Advertising tab and if you can’t see it there, reach out to Amazon.

    These coupons will need to work in with you overall pricing strategy…as mentioned, one of the conditions is the coupon must be based off your lowest selling price in the last 30 days. Perhaps it is time for you to sit down and look carefully at you margins, drag out a calendar and look at the crazy selling season’s in the Amazon world and plan all of your promotions for the year ahead.

    As always, ask us anything. If we don’t know, we’ll know someone who does!


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