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    By ZonSupport | Posted on January 20, 2019| Blog

    The rise and rise of the importance of video in eCommerce marketing over the last 12 months has been mindblowing. A variety of studies point to a much higher level of trust that buyers place in viewing a product video before purchase.

    Video also enables you to impart some of your brand values and personality, not to mention assembly instructions or how to use or other “explainer” elements if relevant.

    Just as high-quality lifestyle images have become the standard for your product listing, video is already fast becoming as important, if not more so. Sure, EBC gives you even more opportunity, but let’s just focus on the right now.

    Our own Explainer Video was designed to give potential clients an ah-ha moment, an “OK, gotcha, now I get it moment.”

    Have you already loaded a video onto your listing?

    If you want to increase your conversion rate, don’t look past this very obvious way to target buyers who are video fans.  

    Following on from this, review videos are just as important – perhaps even more so. At the Global Sources conference in Hong Kong, one of the speakers (Kevin King) pointed to the absolute priority to get a video review up on your listing(s).


    In tests, he found that if a seller already had a video on their listing and a disgruntled customer posted what I call a Complainer Video highlighting an issue, it would take the number 2 slot. Thereafter, every video loaded would take the number 2 slot, thereby pushing the “complainer” into oblivion.

    However, if the Complainer Video was first up, then it is there to stay, forever announcing to everyone visiting your listing that someone had an unhappy moment with your product.

    So how can you get something underway quickly – where do you start?

    You’re using an outbound customer email, right? Get creative and ask for a quick video review.

    The more natural the video the better. No professional video with all the bells and whistles. You just need to find someone to highlight a feature of your product – you could indeed learn from this! 

    Take massive action. It’s imperative you get a good video up there to claim the #1 slot before a Complainer Video lands!

    Give a little guidance. eg Just grab your phone and post a video about our product. It doesn’t need to be fancy and this will really help us a lot!

    Might this change? Of course – this is the Amazon roller coaster and they are forever changing their platform (and the rules!).

    Regardless, if you read any publication about marketing and social media these days, you will hear of the importance of video. So get on board and do it!

    Good luck!

    As always, ask us anything. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll know someone who does!

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