• Walmart Now Publish Your Address!

    By ZonSupport | Posted on October 9, 2021| Blog

    Walmart now displays your full legal business name including your business address and phone number on your product pages. This is driven by legal compliance as opposed to them creating rules so you need to check your listings right now! 

    If you want to understand what is driving this, you can read about the Arkansas SB740 Bill that casts a wide net. Further to this, you need to update this information annually.

    Of course, this has wide-ranging implications for some sellers who are operating their business from home. If this is of concern, you need to make some fast decisions regarding your legal structure as well as your registered address.

    You can update your business information at any time in Seller Center and follow the steps in Business Verification. So, if what you see right now is not correct, then you need to update this.

    Many new Walmart Sellers have experience on Amazon and assume it will be “easier” on this platform. Sure, Amazon seems to have so many rules and regulations. It should be no surprise that Walmart are going down the route regardless of legal compliance – Amazon rolled this out in August 2020. If you want to understand how this works on Amazon you can read our blog on this:

    Amazon Now Publish Your Business Address!

    Over the last 6-months, we have seen a huge increase in compliance across many areas within Walmart as they scale their e-commerce offer. 

    You really need to make time to go through the Walmart Seller Guides so you are up to date. 

    Expect Walmart to increase its pace of setting rules and regulations which are designed to increase customer transparency. E-commerce will always be about quality products at a fair price regardless of the platform you sell on. So, best embrace this and build it into the core of your business so you create an entity of real value that you can ultimately sell or leave as part of your legacy if that’s your plan.

    As always, ask us anything. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll know someone who does!

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