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  • Brand Specific Size Charts

    By ZonSupport |Posted on May 10, 2019| Uncategorized

    Attention Brand Registered Sellers.  Amazon is removing generic size charts from product detail pages on and replacing them with brand-specific size charts. Apparently, they have emailed all Brand Registry Sellers about this but several of our clients have not seen this so best you check! You can now have

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  • Video Marketing

    By ZonSupport |Posted on January 20, 2019| Blog

    The rise and rise of the importance of video in eCommerce marketing over the last 12 months has been mindblowing. A variety of studies point to a much higher level of trust that buyers place in viewing a product video before purchase. Video also enables you to impart some of

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  • The Trump Tariffs

    By ZonSupport |Posted on November 1, 2018| Blog

    Here's a hot tip for managing the potential impact that President Donald Trump's tariffs may have on your business. Last week we were a sponsor of the Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong. Here I am with Meghla Bhardwaj who kept us all on track. One of the speakers spoke

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  • Indirect Communication

    By ZonSupport |Posted on October 23, 2018| Blog

    Amazon quietly updated their TOS during October 2018. They seldom make any announcement, particularly around sensitive topics ie reviews and who “owns” the customer. For the avoidance of any doubt on the latter, Amazon asserts that they own the customer in case you have missed this! The section of particular

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  • Amazon Pricing

    By ZonSupport |Posted on October 13, 2018| Blog

    Before you start working on your Amazon pricing, you need to get into their mindset. “There are two kinds of companies. Those that work to raise prices and those that work to lower them - Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon.” Best quality at the lowest price is what

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  • Review Storm Has Arrived

    By ZonSupport |Posted on August 5, 2018| Blog

    With many clients losing some or all of their reviews, it is timely to highlight the dangers of playing what we call "grey games" in generating Product Reviews. Amazon has clearly put huge resources into how they now manage reviews.  Clients who have been selling for less than a year losing

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  • Seller Feedback 2018

    By ZonSupport |Posted on July 14, 2018| Blog

    The Seller Feedback changes just rolling out make this an even more important metric to manage. Whereas previously Seller Feedback was averaged out from the beginning of time (ie from the date you opened your account), it is now calculated as a rolling average over the previous 12 months. Comments

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  • Canton Fair April 2018

    By ZonSupport |Posted on March 20, 2018| Blog

    Twice a year thousands of online sellers head to Guangzhou to seek their fortune at Canton Fair. Planning and preparation are key to ensuring you are as productive as possible during your visit. This is a time to be very focused - don't just grab every brochure in sight to

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  • Outbound Customer Messages

    By ZonSupport |Posted on March 10, 2018| Blog

    Have you got an outbound customer message running in your Amazon business? If not, you are missing a golden opportunity to engage with your customers and (hopefully) pick up some reviews along the way. But don't become a customer spammer! Why many Sellers insist on sending an email to their

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  • Automate Your Amazon Business

    By ZonSupport |Posted on February 22, 2018| Blog

    Imagine if someone was checking every listing you have in almost real time and sending you an alert if something important changed. eg a low star review lands or an old one is up-voted, you lose the buy box or your listing is suppressed, the title is updated or images

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