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  • Packaging Costs Profit

    By ZonSupport |Posted on February 6, 2018| Blog

    There are some that say packaging decisions are even more important that product selection and I tend to agree! An average product presented well often sells in huge volume whereas a great product poorly presented sits on the shelf. We have noticed a trend with packaging growing in size which

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  • Trademark Right Now!

    By ZonSupport |Posted on January 22, 2018| Blog

    Here is a further update on Trademarking from our original post in September 2017. The benefit of a Trademark and eligibility for Brand Registry now even impacts how your listing displays on mobile (where around 50% of sales are made). You have zero choice - you must start on your

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  • Promote Coupons On Your Listing

    By ZonSupport |Posted on October 19, 2017| Blog

    Just launched! You can now create discount coupons that will feature on your actual listings. These can be applied to a single product or set of products. Customers will see an orange badge promoting your discount offer next to the selling price. The coupon range is between 5% and 80%

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  • Review Storm Approaching

    By ZonSupport |Posted on September 18, 2017| Blog

    A review storm is approaching. With thousands of so called bot reviews hitting Amazon since July it is clear that Amazon will again react with more changes. Mainstream media has now picked up on this so it also becomes a PR issue that Amazon must manage. This now places significant

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  • Managing Seller Feedback

    By ZonSupport |Posted on August 27, 2017| Blog

    We've updated our blog...whenever there's a change we always amend our prior blogs and repost so you always get up to date info from us... Seller Feedback is found on your Storefront page. These reviews are as important as product reviews – some say even more so! Why? These are

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  • Amazon Brand Registry (update)

    By ZonSupport |Posted on May 11, 2017| Uncategorized

    Updated Brand Registry process finally announced. Here's an update on this so have removed earlier post. We always update blogs when things change so you only ever get up to date and relevant info from us! It should come as no surprise that Amazon now require you to have trademarked

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  • Amazon Listings Can Disconnect!

    By ZonSupport |Posted on August 5, 2017| Uncategorized

    Your Amazon listing are like a mirror. What is loaded into your Seller Central fields reflects in your listing. Right? What if we replied yes…but sometimes no? From time to time we have noticed clients have lost the last word in their title’s i.e. what is showing in their Seller

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  • The Definition of an Amazonian

    By ZonSupport |Posted on January 10, 2017| Uncategorized

    I had so many Amazon goals in 2016 that I was shooting for I kind of feel I only got half way through them. This year I will have much more structure so thought I would share the journey. I am not into New Year resolutions but more a person

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  • Skills of a Successful Amazonian

    By ZonSupport |Posted on November 21, 2016| Uncategorized

    I guess for most people reading this blog, you understand that there is a serious business opportunity with Amazon but are thinking it is too good to be true. Well, you are kind of right! Building an Amazon business is not easy and comes with risk! A couple of years

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  • Tips on Visiting Shenzhen

    By ZonSupport |Posted on September 28, 2016| Uncategorized

    For me, Shenzhen is the best base for getting your Amazon business established. It is well known as the powerhouse for Chinese manufacturing and is frequently said to be of much better quality than Guangzhou. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with other manufacturing centers in

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