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    By ZonSupport | Posted on February 10, 2019| Blog

    The Transparency Program is another Amazon initiative designed to build trust amongst its legions of buyers, particularly Prime members. The stickier they become, the less likely they are to go shopping elsewhere.

    After all, why would you bother when you can get all you need on Amazon, have it delivered yesterday (almost), be assured it’s the best price and quality plus easy to return if you so wish!

    There’s another word that is more often thrown around by Amazon Sellers that Buyers that is behind the Transparency Program.

    Buyers talk about “quality” and Sellers talk about “authentic.”

    Are they the same – mostly. However, Amazon absolutely hates the bad press they get when the authenticity of products available on their platform are called into question. Transparency is another mechanism to protect the integrity of its platfom.

    Quite simply, Amazon wants their customers to have the ultimate buying experience no matter what they purchase on their platform.

    In addition to Brand Owners having tighter control over “their” products shipped into Amazon, buyer’s can also check the authenticity of the product by scanning the code. Even more reason to only buy on their platform!

    The program is relatively simple but requires you to have a very strong supply chain relationship. Every single product that goes into FBA must have a unique code which confirms it is authentic. This means Amazon can stop a shipment of in-authentic goods at the dock of their fulfillment center so to speak.

    The program started rolling out in earnest in September last year 6 and we’re told many of the glitches that arose have been ironed out along the way. If you are serious about selling on Amazon, we see this as important and Brand Registry. It’s another tool to protect your brand on this insanely busy platform.

    Go here to learn more and work out if this program is for you:


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